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4 great tips for conference room space planning

The best of conference room space planning

Are you undergoing a conference room redesign or starting an entirely new conference room design? You can create an effective conference room layout by executing a well thought out conference room space planning.

How should I go about my conference room space planning?

When space planning a conference room, you need to make a blue print of how you want to lay out your conference room furniture within the conference room. If you don’t know where to start, you can speak with a conference room furniture consultant to help you identify the conference chairs you will need and the conference room tables that will best fit your conference room design.

Your conference room chairs should fit comfortable around the conference room table and give users enough space to push back their conference room chairs without nudging those next to them. Once you identify the conference chairs you want for your conference room, you need to make a list of the conference room accessories you will need for everyday business meetings and socials.

Here are some common things you will need to consider when taking on a conference room space-planning project:

  • What is the conference table shape preferred of your employees?
  • What are the room dimensions of your conference room?
  • How much space do you have at the entrance door of your conference room?
  • Will video conferencing be held in your conference room?
  • What is your top chair style choice?

By answering these conference room space-planning questions, you can appropriately position your conference room-seating layout.

For the best conference room spacing, you should minimize the distance between your walls and the table edge to create plenty of aisle space in your conference room. Next, make sure every conference seat can be turned sideways without interfering with office chairs near by. This will give you peace of mind that employees and clients can exit conference meeting without disrupting the group mid-way of a conference call or conference meeting.

Some common conference table and chair layouts are as followed:

  • The 48” Round (can be a square)
  • The 10” Rectangular conference table (this is the most traditional conference table)
  • The 8” Boat (It’s great for very personal conference meetings)
  • The 10” Racetrack (It’s great for group discussions)

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