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How can I Improve my Health right in my Office?

Ergonomic Office Designs

Are you constantly worried you’re  doing more harm than good to yourself by seating at your office desk? You may be right, but there are ways to take control of your health and improve your work productivity without frequently leaving your desk.

It’s no secret that a poor quality office desk can not only jeopardize one’s health but also negatively affect work performance. It is recommend that works take 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes to maintain optimal work performance, but as many of us know, it’s easier said than done.

Here are some tips for keeping yourself in good health as you take on your everyday work:

  1. Buy an ergonomic office chair that can help you maintain a  good posture. Having a good posture is important because a poor posture can prevent proper blood circulation and damage nerves in vital organs. Office workers that lack quality office chairs often complain that bad posture as caused lower back problems, neck pains, shoulder pains and severe headaches. As these physical problems build up, it becomes harder for workers to maintain good concentration.A high quality ergonomic chair can assist you in keeping good posture. Ergonomic chairs are designed to assist the the body in its delivery of fresh oxygen to the brain to keep you focused and physically strong.
  2. Eat high protein snacks. High protein foods help our bodies maintain stable blood sugar levels. Here are a few high protein snacks you may want to consider: raw almonds, fresh fruit and greek yogurt.
  3. Drink plenty of water.  Why?  Keeping fresh drinking water on hand will keep your brain and muscles properly functioning because you are hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses of water ( 8 ounces per glass) everyday. To ensure you are properly hydrated you should drink your weight in kilograms. A person weighing 170 pounds should drink 77 ounces of water or 10 glasses of water a day. If you are exercising during  the day, you will need around 16 to 20 ounces at that weight.

Use your office desk to stretch. There’s nothing wrong about stretching at work. A little stretch here and there can improve your blood circulation and reduce any neck or should pains you may experience during your work day.

Get plenty of natural light. Artificial light can make you feel dysfunctional if you’re subjected to it often in your office environment.

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