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Exercise at Your Desk for Improved Posture

desk exercies

Stretching at your desk is a great way to help improve your posture.

We all know the benefits of ergonomic chairs and other office furniture. But did you know that the best way to get all the benefits of correct posture from an ergonomic chair is to exercise at your desk? What do you mean you don’t have time? You’re sitting at a desk right now aren’t you? If we guessed right, then you’re in a great place to work on your posture, strengthen your back and core, and even get your heart rate up.

Pump it Up

One of the best things you can do during the day is get your heart rate up by doing some light cardio workouts. It keeps your heart healthy, and could add years to your life. This one doesn’t take much coaching, just do anything that will get you moving and your heart pumping. Jumping jacks, running in place, jumping rope (with or without a rope, your choice), shadowboxing, lunges, or just taking the stairs are great one-minute exercises that will get your beats per minute up.

Keep it Loose

Stretching at your desk is a great way to keep your muscles loose. You can do a lot of stretches from your chair, but it’s always a good idea to stand up and get a full range of motion. Stretching your neck, back, and shoulders will all help improve your posture, which in turn will help keep back and neck pain at bay.


A key to good posture is a strong core. While sitting at your desk, tighten your abdominal muscles and hold for ten second then release. Repeat 15 times. You can do the same kind of exercise for your glutes (aka your butt), the vital connection between your body and your chair.

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