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How STEM Is Changing Classroom Furniture

Learn how STEM is changing classroom furniture.

Learn how STEM is changing classroom furniture.

STEM is a relatively new education curriculum, but there is a good chance that you already know the term. STEM focuses on the idea of educating students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and the curriculum is changing the face of education, including the furniture used in schools. Continue reading to learn more about how STEM is changing educational classroom furniture.

Desks and Tables

The STEM curriculum is based on collaborative learning and team working, rather than a traditional lectured lesson. This means that classrooms must be adaptable, flexible, and allow students to freely move around the room to various areas. The desk and table set up are crucial to this community-based learning, as it is difficult for students to interact when sitting in individual desks facing the front of the room. Today’s STEM classrooms use round or long tables to make it easier for students to communicate and bounce ideas off one another. Science classrooms also have flexible lab tables that can be adjusted based on the curriculum requirements of each school.


Similar to desks and tables, chairs must also allow students to move around to various stations and talk to their classmates. Instead of the typical chair, STEM classrooms include rolling chairs that enable students to move around the room easily. This added range of motion has many benefits for students and adds functionality to the classroom. Some classes even provide students with casual lounging chairs as comfortable spaces for collaborative thinking.


While many schools in the past did not offer much storage for students, STEM classrooms now need more options for students to store assignments and projects safely. For example, students may be working on science projects for weeks at a time, and furniture with additional space is crucial for keeping their assignments safe and secure. This may include lockers, cubbies, or bookcases that are multi-functional. Mobile classroom storage is also crucial for STEM teachers, as they need practical solutions for organizing materials and tools.

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