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Which Type of Cafeteria Table is Best for Your School?

Learn which type of cafeteria table is best for your school.

Learn which type of cafeteria table is best for your school.

When it comes to choosing the right tables for your school cafeteria, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of choices and options available to you. In order to help you navigate your choices, we’ve put together a guide on some of the many options and what factors you will want to consider. To start, gauge the space you have allotted and the maximum number of students you need to seat at any given time. This number can dramatically affect the type of table you can choose. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which type of cafeteria table is best for your school.   


Cafeteria tables will receive significant use and abuse over their lifetimes, especially if younger students are using them. For that reason, it’s vital that they are made from durable and easy to clean materials. Steel, laminate, vinyl, plastic, and particle board are all standard construction materials for cafeteria tables. It’s important to consider which will allow for the best use.  


Rectangular tables are the most common, but other options can make for great choices as well. Round and oval shaped tables may take up more space for less seating, but they can help create a very communal feeling that fosters bonding. It’s important to note how the tables move to accommodate for storage and other functions.

Seat Style

Classic bench seating will allow for the most seating, but it is not the best for every situation. If you have the space to use a single stool or bucket seats, you can help to avoid issues of space invasion. Individual seats are particularly useful for older children as they are more likely to become frustrated by lack of personal space.  

Safety and Movement

Ensuring that tables can both move easily and be locked in place is critical. You need to be able to move the tables quickly for cleaning purposes. Make sure to take the ease of both movement and locking into account as you search for your perfect cafeteria tables.

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