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Sound Masking and Noise Control for a Peaceful Work Environment

The difficult nature of sound stems from the fact that nearly everything makes it in some aspect.  Even the sound of a keyboard can resemble gunfire in spaces where noise reverberates freely, and especially so when multiple people are typing at the same time.  This can become especially bothersome in environments where hearing is imperative to the work involved, such as call centers and other communications-based industries.

sound-masking-noise-controlFinding Focus with Sound Masking

Among the possible improvements to the office space, the most valuable one is an increase in worker focus.  With sound masking, an employee will have fewer distractions that can take concentration away from his or her work.  This in turn leads to increased productivity as well as higher-quality service, especially when listening is key such as during telephone or video meetings.  This also leads to greater privacy for employees, who may feel like their work is being transmitted around the room for everyone else to hear.  This is particularly vital for office spaces with less-intricate floor plans for space dividers, where privacy is already a bigger issue.  In addition, this kind of space allows sound to travel more naturally in the first place because there are fewer walls and other objects blocking the sound waves.  When each employee is working with sensitive information or private projects that require a certain amount of compartmentalization, any unintentional exchange of information could cause a distraction.

Sound masking today can be accomplished technology called “direct-field systems.”  This type of control uses small and unobtrusive sound-producing nodes placed directly into the ceiling tiles of the affected space in order to produce white noise that forms a field that dampens other noises.  The nodes can be directly controlled and adjusted to maintain an even range of effect that doesn’t interfere with daily routines.  This sound masking solution is cheaper and more efficient than the previous method of installing sound dispersion above a false ceiling because the nodes can be installed much more easily.  In addition, the nodes comply with HIPAA and GLBA rules for workspaces handling private information.  Another great bonus is that they are LEED certified and can work toward an environmentally-friendly workspace without sacrificing the team environment or negatively impacting production margins.

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