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What You Need to Know about Sound Masking

Sound masking uses an unstructured sound (i.e airflow) to make various structured sounds (i.e conversations and movement) less noisy in the work place!

You may have never noticed the subtle humming sound that rings in the background while you are in your office. This is essentially what sound masking sets out to achieve. Sound masking is the process of adding an unstructured sound to a given environment in order to make structured sounds (i.e human speech or physical movement) less noisy. Here is what you need to know. 


The ABC’s

There is a simply acronym known as “The ABC’s” which helps people to better understand the process of sound masking. Absorption, Blocking, and Covering are the three main elements involved in this process. Sound waves are first absorbed by using high NRC-acoustic wall panels. After this, high-STC-rated walls and panels are installed to block any further sound. This sound is then covered with a low-volume, unstructured sound that is meant to blend into the background and barely be noticed. Typically, a sound such as airflow is used.


There are two common misconceptions that revolve around sound masking. The first is that sound masking is the same thing as noise cancellation, but that is not the case. Noise cancellation blocks out any and all noise around you to create a completely quiet environment, while sound masking purposely implements white noise to lower the other sounds that you may hear. The second misconception is that you should incorporate masking only where the distracting noises are coming from. It is better to implement it throughout the entire office for it to be most effective.

Return on Investment

While you will have to investment some money initially for sound masking, it will surely save you money in the long run. Distracted workers leads to decreased productivity, which can cause businesses to lose money. In fact, BaseX studies show that businesses will lose an average of $587 billion due to distracted workers alone. Sound masking increases privacy and reduces distracting noises, helping to increase productivity and save your business money.


A Better Space from American Design Associates

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