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What is Soundproofing?

colorful soundproofing panels

Soundproofing panels can contain the sounds of a meeting or presentation within a conference room.

There are several ways to make loud sounds less noticeable. You can build walls that contain sounds from escaping and don’t allow disruptive sounds to enter. You can also install a sound masker that makes unavoidable sound pollution less noticeable. If you need soundproofing for an office, conference room, auditorium, or other room, then you have a myriad of options available to you. Read on to learn about all the different ways that you can create a quieter, more productive environment.

Acoustical Wall Panels

Acoustical wall panels attach to an existing wall to help contain the noise in an environment. If you have a conference room, auditorium, or other room where loud presentations are made, you can ensure the peace and quiet outside of the room by utilizing acoustical wall panels. These panels work strategically to deflect sound waves back into the room, rather than allow them to escape into adjacent rooms. These wall panels can also help to absorb reverberations, so presenters need not worry about disturbing those outside the walls of the room. You can even attach these panels to the ceiling or opt for impact-resistant panels for places like exercise areas. The options for soundproofing are versatile and abundant, so you’ll be sure to find the exact solutions you need!

Partition Extenders

Partition extenders, or cubicle extenders, are a great way to seal off the sound in a space by joining the top of a partition with the ceiling. Velcro attaches the extender to the partition, while a T-channel connects the extender to the ceiling. Thus, an extender easily attaches and can be removed for situational purposes. Partition extenders are also padded on both sides, so they not only keep loud noises contained, but they also prevent loud noises from entering as well.

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