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A Greener Solution: Repurposing Your Office Furniture

Repurposing office furniture is one of the few ways to maintain a sustainable office. A sustainable office is one that can sustain itself and doesn’t create any unnecessary waste or clutter. It also reduces the amount of harmful gases emitted into the air.

How does repurposed furniture improve air quality? Well, there is such a thing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are used in the production of new office furniture. Over time, these VOCs are relased from new pieces of furniture during the first few years of that particular piece of furniture’s life. When a piece of furniture is repurposed, it greatly reduces the amount of VOCs that are emitted into the air.

american design associates repurpose furniture

At American Design Associates, we offer an extensive selection of “pre-owned” furniture, ranging from desks, chairs, files, and bookcases to systems furniture, office accessories and even art work! Used furniture is often ideal for start-up businesses and smaller offices, providing the buyer with quality product for a fraction of the cost of new. You can stretch your budget a very long way with used furniture.

American Design Associates has board certified designers and expert space planners on staff to help you maximize your office space with consideration to local building & fire codes, efficient work flow, communication, and privacy requirements. Whether you are moving into a larger space, downsizing, or simply reorganizing, thorough planning makes for a smoother installation and a superior work environment.

American Design Associates, Inc. is a Contract Furniture Dealer and Design Firm located in Towson, Maryland. We proudly consider ourselves a “Dream Team” comprised of experienced project managers, interior designers, service technicians and an outstanding customer support team. We service clients throughout the Mid‐Atlantic region including Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and beyond. We have the resources and the know how to provide the best solution for all of your business needs.

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