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The Benefits of Sound Masking from American Design Associates

Every office situation and layout has some kind of noise pollution or noise that bleeds through different parts of the office. The result can be incredibly distracting and keep many of your employees from getting any work done. Productivity is hard enough to come by as it is, and with the distractions of noise bleeding through the walls it can make the kind of productivity you want to attain even harder.

Many factors such as speaker phone conferences, team environments and shared office spaces all contribute to the noise pollution that many offices experience day after day. The optimal work environment is one where employees have their own independent, noise-free environments in which to get their work done.

Sound masking is an office design option that can cut down on the amount of sound that bleeds through your walls. It improves employee comfort and productivity up to 20%. This improvement creates immediate results that can be seen in your bottom line. Whenever employees feels stressed or they need to concentrate, the first thing that needs to be eliminated are any noisy distractions.

Here are a few benefits to sound masking your office:

  • Less toxic noise – Sound masking gives you employees the opportunity to work on their tasks in a noise-free environment. It also gives them a chance to collaborate with other employees without disturbing people working in nearby spaces. This kind of independence will bring about an increase in worker productivity and create a better end product.
  •  Increased confidentiality – With sound masking, important meetings that need to be kept confidential can stay confidential.
  • Total masking coverage – There won’t be any ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots with a good sound masking system in place. Each area of your office will feel like a unique and new area where work can be done without any sound bleeding into your office.

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