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Best Interior Office Design Tips for Millennials

Millennial Workstations

The workplace is continuously evolving as Millennials enter the workforce. The office environment can be very overwhelming to Millennials if they do not have the essential office furniture needed to perform their work duties. By designing your office interior with Millennials in mind, you can attract young talent and keep them for years to come by preparing your office millennial works.

When young workers are considering their career future, they want to work in comfortable and attractive work environments. Millennials are defined as workers born between the years 1980 to 2000. Many of them are underemployed or unemployed, so making them feel valued at work is important to keeping up their work motivation. What is in it for you? Millennials may become the most educated generation the workforce has ever seen. The less money your company has to spend on workforce training, the better. Educated workers can give you that opportunity.

To to make sure your workplace environment is inviting not only to Millennials, but also Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, you should consult with a furniture company as well as a professional interior office designer.

Before making final decisions on the office layout/ space planning, you should think about the 4 main influences of an office work environment – work tools, physical environment, work amenities and the work culture.

  1. What work tools will you offer Millennials so they may successful start and complete office work?
  2. How much work flexibility will you allow? Will you furnish the office with collaborative work stations? Will you establish co-work spaces?
  3. What kind of amenities will you offer to Millennials to help them maintain a good work/life balance?
  4. How will you help your works effectively collaborate in the work environment? Having a good work culture will help improve work productivity and accuracy.

To keep Millennials focused and on task, you should have new technology readily available to them. Once you have the right technology in place, you need to create areas in the office that have good privacy, such as private offices and conference rooms. You should also establish open communication environment, this can be done with collaborative office furniture. Many Millennials value personal relationships over work duties. Keep that in mind when you layout the open office work environment.

As for work amenities, here are some options Millennials absolutely love:

  • Fitness Center
  • Day Care Center
  • Lounge Areas
  • Nap Rooms
  • Employee Discounts

To put it short, Millennials want to be in adaptable work environments that give them plenty of opportunity to socialize while completing work in a timely fashion.

American Design Associates is here to provide you Interior Office Design Services and help you furnish your office with evergreen furniture items and overall Millennial workplace solutions.

Browse or website to see how you can establish a Millennial friendly work environment today. Our interior designers are here to increase employee engagement  by effectively designing your workplace environment.


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