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Does Color Matter in Motivating Workers in Your Business Environment?

Interior Designer There are plenty of ways to provide your employees with a comfortable business environment in which they can be their most productive. Some of these ways might seem more obvious, such as providing them with quality furniture, technology, and of course, good coffee. But when you’re planning your office design, as Towson’s American Design Associates knows, even the smallest details can make a huge difference in employee productivity.

Color psychology is the idea that the colors we are surrounded by can affect our mood. Your goal in your office design is not only to keep your employees feeling happy, but also motivated and excited about reaching the business’s goals. Choosing the right color for your office can be the key to ensuring that everyone performs their best the whole week through. So which colors exactly are going to get you the results you want?

Staying neutral

Neutral palettes can be very conducive to a welcoming work environment. Think of tones such as gray, tan, or beige; they can be pleasant and pretty without being a distraction. A neutral paint palette can also provide a great backdrop for colorful accents, making for an office design that won’t overwhelm employees or clients.

Warming up

 Warmer colors also have their place in the office. Colors such as orange and yellow in various shades are said to be very effective stimulators. Take it a step further with a gold-tone yellow; gold is the color that evokes the ideas of perfection, success, and quality. The one caveat with warm tones? Keep things muted; bright or neon shades of the color can be too jarring for an effective office design.

Cooling down

On the flipside of the rainbow, we have cooler colors. These can be equally good choices for your office interior, depending on the kind of mood you want to set for your employees. Blue shades are great for alleviating stress and keeping your workers feeling calm throughout the day. And it doesn’t take more than a quick peek out the window to see one of the best color choices for your office: green. Green shades are among the most abundant in nature, and so can give your employees a sense of both familiarity and of growth. To keep your employees comfortable, green may be the way to go.

While ultimately your office design involves a variety of factors, starting with your paint color selection is what sets the mood. Consider the kind of environment you want to create for your business, and contact American Design Associates in Towson, MD at 410-823-5500 or visit our homepage at




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