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Is There a Way to Repurpose Office Furniture?

Are you in the process of giving your office a much-needed makeover? Are you left with a pile of chairs, desks, and bookcases that are still perfectly good, but maybe just not to your taste anymore? Rather than trying to stuff them all in a dumpster or carting them off to a landfill, consider the other uses for your old office furniture. American Design Associates offers you the opportunity not to let those furnishings go to waste.

 Why Repurpose?

If your heart is set on a fantastic, updated office design, than stick to your new furniture and sell the old. Pre-owned furniture that is still in great condition can make for a cost-effective choice for a new or smaller business. New business often need to reserve their capital for other expenses, but they don’t want to have to make sacrifices with something as essential to their company’s image as office furniture. Repurposing your old office furniture, from the files to the artwork, with sellers like American Design Associates is both earth-friendly and beneficial to these kinds of businesses who could use a helping hand.

Why Restore?

Maybe you’re not looking to go all out with your office renovations; it could simply be time to spruce up the place. Restoring your existing office furniture, whether that means reupholstering reception-area couches, staining wood desks to give them a shiny new finish, or repainting shelving in a warm, welcoming color, can be a great option. You don’t have to deal with the expense of a completely new set up, but you still get the wow factor of a like-new office design.

Why Remanufacture?

Maybe your business is expanding and you need a place for your seven new hires to sit! American Design Associates is able to remanufacture any of your existing office furniture. Remanufacturing your existing furniture means that things will all look consistent and professional, rather than the haphazard, thrown-together look you might get with mismatched desks or chairs.

When it comes to redesigning your office, there are plenty of options for your existing layout. Repurpose, restore, or remanufacture- which one works best for your business?

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