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Where Can I Find Quality Dormitory Furniture?

For a college student, a dormitory serves as much more than just a place to sleep. It becomes an office, a living room, a study area, a kitchen, and a gathering place for friends. A dorm is a high-traffic area, and so the furniture in it needs to be able to serve a variety of purposes and to be able to stand up to year after year of wear and tear. When considering how to furnish a university or college dormitory, American Design Associates can work with you to determine what pieces will be able to stand the test of time (and frat boys).

For individual rooms

Of all the areas in a dormitory, the individual rooms go through the most use. But because universities have to accommodate thousands of students, often time dorm rooms are on the smaller size. Consider furniture that will pull double duty: a dresser that can be topped with a bookshelf, beds that rise up to allow for space underneath, or a desk with ample storage. Think also of furniture that can piece together like a puzzle. Many desks can be designed to overlap with shelving and beds can be lofted in order to set up an office space underneath. Another important thing to consider is how the furniture will work with each student’s style; if it’s going to be their home for the next four years, they’re going to want to personalize it. Furniture that is neutral in color and non-specific in design won’t clash with their décor and will allow them to adapt the space to their own preferences.

For the common areas

Here, durability is the keyword. For common areas such as lounges, TV rooms, and kitchens, the number of students who have access to and are using the spaces increases, and so the furniture you provide will have to be tough enough to deal with all that use. Think of sturdy, dark colored tables for kitchens (less likely to show any staining from spilled ramen noodles) and couches and chairs with firm, full padding so they are less likely to sag over the years.

Designing a dormitory? Call on American Design Associates for more details.

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