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Is an “Office on Wheels” The Next Big Trend?

For many years, the traditional office design was static. Employees were relegated to their individual cubicles, management had corner offices with heavy, imposing furniture, and the overall effect was perhaps too serious. After all, an office should be a place where your employees feel free to collaborate, explore, create, and discover new innovations that will make your company even better at what they do. You can help foster this kind of environment with custom office furniture that takes into account one of the buzzword of 2014: mobility.

Mobility does not just have to apply to the idea of taking your business out to the streets with your smart phone or tablet- you can achieve mobility even within your office walls. A big new trend in office furniture is wheels; not just wheeled chairs, but desks, tables, lamps, and stools as well. What is the benefit of having wheeled furniture? Think about it like this: when your employees are kept confined to small work areas that remain the same day after day, this can have a negative effect on productivity. When you have an “office on wheels,” this provides no end of opportunities to change things up and keep your office environment dynamic! Rearrange furniture with ease to break off into collaborative groups, set up a “discussion round table,” and encourage change and openness among your employees. You can reconfigure your office layout as often as you choose when the majority of the furniture is mobile, and this is turn will inspire your employees to think outside of the box. A creative environment is necessary to inspire creativity, so why not try with custom wheeled furniture?

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