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How Office Furniture Impacts Workplace Productivity


Gone are the days of discomfort! American Design Associates provide the best ergonomic office furniture that ensures comfort and productivity.

Carefully designing the workplace with specific office furniture is proven to increase comfortability.The cozier your employees are, the more focused and productive they will be. Nobody wants to sit in a chair all day without adequate lumbar support. Who wants to work at a desk that’s too small for them? Wouldn’t you like to walk into a positive, cheerful work environment every day? Here’s how investing in new office furniture will skyrocket workplace morale!

Make the Office Feel like Home

The more comfortable and at home your employees feel, the more productive they will be. Think about it. If you had to sit in a beat-up chair missing a wheel all day you’d be more focused on keeping yourself stable than the task at hand. Having to use crappy equipment on their job can make employees feel pretty lousy as well. They’ll feel disrespected and neglected and they might start to wonder why they should respect you if there is no reciprocation. Furniture neglect leads to job dissatisfaction which will lead to lowered productivity. Walking into an office where everyone has a scowl on their faces and are avoiding eye contact with you can start to wear on you. Keep their furniture up-to-date and your business will strive!

Office Furniture Should be Ergonomically Designed.

Ergonomics is the science of the way in which humans interact with objects. It refers to how the safety, design, and arrangement of certain objects affect a person’s general state-of-being. Quality office furniture is ergonomically designed to reduce possible injury, and increase comfortability and productivity.Incorporating it into the office will only help your business. If everyone is enthusiastically working with supported backs, optimal maneuvering space, and adequate leg room your company has a higher rate of success.

Arranging Office Furniture Effectively

The way in which furniture is arranged, surprisingly, affects your employees’ competency. What is it that your company does? Is it highly collaborative requiring many meetings and group cohesion? Is it mostly individualized so that people need their own offices? Does it require a community resting space for getting coffee, making lunch, or refilling water bottles? Furniture arrangement should speak to your business’s purpose. A large meeting room with comfortable sitting and a large table should be implemented for highly collaborative jobs. Spacious rooms with functional desks and leather office chairs will make individualized work devoid of distraction. Incorporating proper office furniture based on your company’s mission statement will give employees a tangible representation of company expectations.

Redesign Your Office with American Design Associates, Inc.

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