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How Office Furniture Consultants Can Help Your Business Image

office furniture consultants

American Design Associates’ office furniture consultants will help you build an office design that truly speaks to your business image.

It is no secret that image can make or break you when it comes to business. The look and feel of your space will help retain and inspire employees, and be a large part of what convinces potential clients and partners to do business with you. There is definitely an art to displaying your company in the right light and sending the right message. This is why office furniture consultants are so important. These experts can help you create an office that works as hard as you do.   

Office Furniture Consultants Make A Difference

People who enter your office should feel welcomed and comfortable in an open space which inspires confidence in you. It is important that the furniture used in your office telegraphs competency while maintaining a universal appeal. It is important to pick furniture which is not only functional, but represents your brand identity and the ideals of your company in a visually pleasing way that sends the right message.   

Office Furniture Consultants Can Help You Balance Function and Aesthetics

While it is important to have a neatly organized office that enables you to do your work effectively, it is also important that it looks modern and clean. It may seem like a difficult task to balance, and this is why the expert advice of one of our office furniture consultants is thoroughly valuable. They can help you keep an aesthetically pleasing furniture to space ratio while assuring that your space remains functional and still feels authentic to you.  

The Services Offered By American Design Associates  

American Design Associates offer a vast range of services to ensure your office is both efficient and gorgeous. If you want to create a commercial or office space which sends the right message, we can help. These services include:

  • Furniture Selection and Technical Specification
  • Furniture Reconfigurations
  • Furniture Standards Programs
  • Programming and Space Planning
  • Sound Masking Consultation and Specification
  • Project Management and Design
  • Photorealist Renderings
  • Asset Management, Storage, and Control
  • Installation and Job Site Management
  • File Management Consulting
  • Corporate Relocation and Move Management
  • Short-term and Long-term Rental
  • Post Installation Maintenance
  • Technical Product Consultation
  • Corporate Relocation and Move Management
  • Demountable Wall Consultation and Specification
  • Installation and Job Site Management
  • Specifications, Ordering and Purchasing

American Design Associates, Office Furniture Consultants Extraordinare

American Design Associates, Inc. is a Contract Furniture Dealer and Design Firm located in Towson, Maryland. When you are in need of experienced project managers, interior designers, service technicians, and an outstanding customer support team, American Design Associates is right for you. We service clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and beyond. Help us help you with your furniture and design needs today!

Call American Design Associates today at (410) 823-5500, contact us on our website or pay us a visit today. We want to help you stay organized in the office.


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