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How to Plan Your New Office Design

Office Design

Selecting the right office furniture, creating light and space, and building a welcoming atmosphere are all key tools in optimizing your office design.

A good office design is essential to creating a productive and enjoyable work environment.  You want your employees to succeed, so why not give them the best possible conditions to do so? Selecting the right office furniture, creating light and space, and building a welcoming atmosphere are all key tools in optimizing your office design.

Selecting Office Furniture

The office furniture you choose has a bigger effect on the productivity and comfort of your employees than you would think. You may be tempted to save money by purchasing cheap furniture, but in reality, investing in good furniture will pay off in the long run. Not only will you keep employees (who typically spend eight hours a day sitting down in chairs at their desks) happy, but modern, updated furniture adds a positive aesthetic to your office design. Consider leasing or purchasing refurbished office furniture to get the look you want for less!

Creating Light and Space

Adding natural light is one of the easiest and also overlooked ways to increase mood and productivity in the office. A lack of natural light can actually cause depression and create eye fatigue and headaches. To get the most out of the natural light available in your office, consider tearing down walls and creating a more open environment or using glass walls as barriers. In turn, this will allow for more space, reducing the cramped feeling of a cubicle and enabling people to move around freely in their office environment.

Building a Welcoming Atmosphere through Office Design

In addition to selecting great office furniture and providing enough natural light and space for your employees, creating a balance between privacy and collaboration is key. A great idea to encourage socialization and comradery within the workplace is to implement a place where people naturally congregate like a kitchen or café – or even a wellness center or gym for those with higher budgets. At the same time, you should designate individual spaces where employees can get away from distractions and work quietly alone.

Planning a great office design can be tedious at times: there are a lot of choices to make and a ton of options. However, your number one goal in choosing a design should be maximizing the comfort and productivity of your employees. Let American Design Associates help you create the optimum work environment – call us today!

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