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Office Furniture Maintenance Tips from American Design Associates

One of the factors of buying office furniture that is often overlooked is the maintenance. Maintenance may be required for certain pieces of your office furniture and not only does it help keep your office furniture looking in tip-top shape, but it can help the longevity of your Maryland office furniture as well. A neat and clean office will impress potential clients and customers while making your employees feel like they are working in a professional environment.

American Design Associates Office Furniture

Here are a few tips on maintaining your office furniture:

  • Keep up with your leather – If any of the furniture in your Maryland office is leather, that means it is made of a delicate material that requires maintenance to look good. Don’t put this office furniture in direct contact with sunglight (as that can damage the leather) and don’t use abrasive cleaners or those which are based in alcohol. Try to use only leather cleaners which are approved for use with leather furniture.
  • Wipe, polish and keep up with wood – Any wooden desks, shelves, fixtures and flooring all need to be kept up. Wood is relatively easy to keep up with as you can clean it with many different kind of cleaners and polishes. If you have hardwood floors, get floor mats for your Maryland office chairs so they don’t scratch off the finish completely. Worn down wooden finishes can cause your office to look unprofessional. Cleaning wood with a damp cloth can help prevent wood surfaces from fading or losing their finish.
  • Have a clean desk and reception policy – A clean desk and reception area will not only make your office look more professional, but will make your office seem extremely inviting to potential clients that pass through. If files are getting out of hand, consider investing in some file cabinets and other storage furniture. Not only will it keep everything neat, but you’ll be organized as well.

Let American Design Associates work with you to help design your available office space and help you select your furniture. We can even restore and repurpose the office furniture that you have now.

American Design Associates has board certified designers and expert space planners on staff to help you maximize your office space with consideration to local building & fire codes, efficient work flow, communication, and privacy requirements. Whether you are moving into a larger space, downsizing, or simply reorganizing, thorough planning makes for a smoother installation and a superior work environment.

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