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What are must have restaurant furniture items?

Ergonomic restaurant furniture

When it comes to accruing restaurant furniture there are a million decorative and flashing pieces that your customers would fawn over, but to take care of their basic dining needs only a few items are absolutely essential.

Let’s start with where people sit. To separate the experience from a baseball game, a restaurant chair should have good padding in the seat. It is important to have chairs both with and without arms. The restaurant chairs with arms are ideal for customers, but armless chairs are necessary when you need to fit a large group  of chairs around one table.

Chairs with wheels are also very beneficial. There are many comfortable and nice looking wheel based chairs that are useful when it comes to clearing the dining room quickly.

Bar stools are another restaurant seating must. Bar stools are a perfect height for people who want to sit at the bar to drink  or  watch the television with a good view. Any restaurant that wants to feature television entertainment will need plenty of bar stools for restaurant patrons.

Metal or aluminum chairs with removable pads are also necessary if your restaurant plans on having outdoor seating.

A well-functioning restaurant should also have plenty of table options. For the less formal, bar style areas, it is important to have both round and square high tables that fit four. These tables also can be used to display buffets or advertisements.

For the formal dining part, you will need both square and round tables. A typical square table will fit four, but some are designed for couples. The round tables should be used to seat between 5-10 people. For tables that need to seat 10+, you should purchase six to eight foot rectangle tables.It’s recommended to have both foldup and non-foldup rectangle tables. The fold up ones should typically be used for buffets and display, so customers don’t feel the crease. Fold up tables are perfect for seating big parties.

Booths are also valuable for big parties, or smaller parties that want more privacy. It is smart to tuck these booths away from the bar area and have the booths accompanied with quality chairs.

When acquiring furniture for your restaurant, you need to consider what you would need for the most drastic of situations, what type of environment your customers are going to want, and what type of environment you would like to keep intact.

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