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4 Benefits of Standing Desks

standing desks

Standing desks can help office workers sit less and burn more calories. Let’s learn more about standing desks and how they can benefit your employees.

Studies have recently demonstrated how bad sitting is for your health. It is likely that you know that, at least. But did you know people who sit most of the day have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease? Sitting burns very few calories and studies have linked this to weight gain. For office workers it feels like this is unavoidable, they have to be at desks and at computers. That’s where standing desks come in. Let’s explore.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk that allows you to stand while working. These desks are raised up and adjustable so you can alternate between sitting and standing. It appears that standing desks can improve health for employees and may increase productivity.


  1. Standing Desk Improve Mood and Energy Levels

Everyone has been there – about an hour after lunch, you are sitting at your desk looking at your computer and you get tired, so tired you could fall asleep if you just closed your eyes. Well, standing desks appear to have a positive influence on the low energy mood of the office. Many people who used standing desks reported higher energy levels throughout the day and more productivity.


  1. Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain

Gaining weight is determined by how many calories you consume versus how many you have burned. Sitting all day does not do much for helping you burn calories. It is estimated that simply standing can help you burn an additional 1000 calories per week just by standing.


  1. Standing May Reduce Your Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint in the office – ergonomic chairs have attempted to fix this problem. In a study with employees who had chronic lower back pain, 32% of people reported their pain improving when they stood at their desk. It also has the benefit of reducing upper back and neck pain by 54% over one month according to the CDC.


  1. Standing More Can Help You Live Longer

Despite the added benefits to your office health, studies have shown a strong link between increased sitting and early death. As we have discussed, sedentary lifestyles lead to heart disease and obesity, but by standing more often you can lower your risk of early death.

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