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4 Reasons Why Electronic Lockers are Better than Mechanical Lockers

electronic locker

Electronic lockers can be useful all over a school, whether in the halls or in the showers.

As technology in schools advances, so too must our thinking. We should especially keep up to date on forward-thinking ideas for school design, which not only includes modifying classrooms to keep up with modern students, but also other school-based technologies we may not thinking of besides teaching tools. One of these technologies is the venerable mechanical locker. In this blog, we’ll give you 4 reasons why electronic lockers are better than mechanical lockers. They are better for schools, and most importantly, they are better for students.


Why Are Electronic Lockers Better Than Mechanical Lockers?


  • They’re more convenient: A key can be an annoying item to have to have to carry around all day. With electronic lockers, you no longer have to worry about losing the keys, forgetting them somewhere, or carrying them around all the time. Plus, a keycard is easier to deal with, since remembering a code, perhaps a pin number, is easier than remembering what key goes with what lock. Replacing a lost or stolen key card is much easier than replacing a lost or stolen physical key. New keys have to be cut, and keycards do not.
  • They’re more secure: Locks on mechanical lockers can be easily picked. Electronic lockers stand up better to being broken into. The locks cannot be accessed, especially by unauthorized users.   
  • They’re easier to monitor: Electronic lockers are also easier to monitor. The lockers can be monitored remotely and electronically without a human user’s input and supervision. Thus a problematic issue of locker security is removed, especially in changing areas like the showers where a potential human user could be of a different gender from the locker room changing area being monitored.
  • They’re easier to analyze: By using analysis, you can further improve the performance of your locker service. Consider the following questions: Which of your electronic lockers see the most use? When do you find operational capacity? How many people use the area in which the lockers are located? Analysis can help you maximize traffic, even in busy locations such as schools and universities.


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