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Choosing Seating for Guests in Your Office

Seating for Guests

Invite your guests to feel more comfortable with the right seating.

Any company with an office setting should expect to have guests at some point, whether they be clients, new customers, or other associates. Making your guests feel welcome in your office is of paramount importance. Does your office design do this? Often, the people involved in designing an office space will give their focus to the needs of their employees. This is pretty important, but don’t neglect the needs of your guests and the effect that proper seating can have on their impressions of your company. A great office design takes a holistic approach, and by ensuring that you are considering the needs of your guests in addition to your employees, your business will thrive. How do you choose seating to benefit your guests?

Consider the Clientele

The first thing you should do is consider the kind of clientele you’ll be hosting. This should give you an idea of what kind of seating you should invest in. Companies that will be expecting to host guests for long meetings might invest more money in comfortable chairs than those who may only expect to have short meetings. By considering the end purpose of the seating, you’ll be able to choose chairs for comfort purposes. At this point, then, you should move on to style considerations.

The Setting Will Matter

The overall setting where the chairs will be going will matter and determine what sort of style you should look at for your chairs. Seats that will be located in hallways or unused corners will most likely be served well by minimalist design aesthetics to avoid looking too conspicuous. Guest seating in executive offices will need to be as comfortable and flexible as possible, so striving for a one-size-fits-all solution is ideal here.

Also, consider the rest of your office aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to use colors to create a sense of play in your guest chair design – you want your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed, after all, and colorful chairs are a great way to lend a sense of relaxation to them.

Ready to Transform Your Office Design?

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