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How to Choose the Ultimate Conference Room Seating

conference room seating

Think about your conference room seating. Is it comfortable enough?

Choosing the right furniture for your conference room has a potentially huge impact, whether or not you realize it. The conference room seating you choose can affect the productivity and attention span of your workers, affect the comfort of your guests, and provide the first impression of your workspace to visitors. As a result, it’s critical that you choose the right conference room seating for your needs (and theirs!).

How Many Conference Chairs Should I Purchase?

Before you can choose your conference room seating, think about how much you actually need. How many chairs can fit around your conference room table? How many chairs do you need to fit around your conference room table? The width of the table in feet is typically the number of chairs that you can comfortably fit around it. So, a table that is 20 feet wide could seat 20 people. Keep in mind that you can add side chairs around the perimeter of the room to add a few extra overflow chairs to your conference room. This is another important consideration to keep in mind. 


What Type of Conference Room Seating Do I Need?

Conference chairs might look the same as desk chairs, but conference room seating is typically designed to maximize productivity and comfort for shorter periods of time. There aren’t many options for adjustment so that people aren’t fiddling around with their chairs during your meeting, and most only have one option to adjust height. You can purchase any combination of normal conference chairs, big and tall chairs made for larger bodies, petite chairs for smaller bodies, side chairs for the outside walls as extra seating, and even stools.

What Space Constraints Do You Have?

Many smaller businesses have conference rooms that also need to serve other purposes, so permanent and bulky conference room seating isn’t ideal. Stacking chairs can neatly stack for storage once you are done using them. Nesting chairs easily nest into each other for compact storage and simple transportation.


Conference Room Seating from Glover Furniture Group

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