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Current Hotel Design Trends

Discover the latest trends within hotel design.

Discover the latest trends within hotel design.

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and they are creating new ways to connect with guests.  People are not coming to hotels anymore to just sleep overnight and leave the next day during their business trip.  Guests want to have a memorable experience at hotels and fully relax during their stay. One aspect that is essential to the experience of guests is the design of the hotel itself.  When designing or renovating your hotel, you should follow a few of the design trends impacting the hospitality industry.

Feels Like Home

Hotels are shifting away from every room matching, to now, each room having its own personal style and design.  When guests stay at a hotel, they want to feel comfortable and relaxed, as if they are staying in their own home.  So, it is essential that you add features, such as a kitchenette and handmade good, to each room. If guests are having an extended stay at your hotel during a vacation, they want their room to feel like home, not a space where people sleep after their business meeting.

Rethinking The Lobby

A hotel lobby is becoming more than a space where people check-in and immediately go to their room.  Hotel lobbies are shifting toward living room-like spaces where people can enter and relax. You will begin to see more sit-down concierge desk where people can sit down and check-in on iPads.  Lobbies will begin to be more inviting and have snacks and beverages for guests to enjoys while they check-in.

Bring In Nature

A major trend within hotel design is the integration of nature in hotel lobbies and rooms.  Incorporating natural light and plants within indoor spaces is a great way to reduce the stress of people.  So, when designing your hotel, think about bringing in plants and foliage into the lobby. When designing the rooms, focus on creating large balconies so that people can experience the outdoors from their room.  Having large balconies contributes to the ambiance of your hotel.

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