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Designing a School Science Classroom for Success

As every experienced teacher will tell you, the success of a learning environment is highly improved with the right science classroom design.


Safety is key for a science classroom design.

The school furniture and the science lab furniture can greatly aid a teacher in learning. Of course, you often have to make the best out of the space provided. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t be creative or add a few key pieces.

Ensuring Health and Safety in the Science Classroom Design

Everyone science classroom design needs to have health and safety incorporated into its layout. Students and teachers need to be able to freely move around the move and quickly leave if there is an emergency. There also needs to be easy access to sinks and eye rinse stations if anything were every to go awry. It’s also important that the design allows a student or a teacher to quickly maneuver to a first aid station.

Easily Store Equipment

Another issue with science classrooms is normally the storage space, or lack there of. Sometimes, a classroom doesn’t even allow for enough space for extra tools or equipment if they are needed. There needs to be a space for the right science lab furniture to easily house equipment and everything necessary for every lesson. Again, space is normally at a premium, but having the proper science lab furniture will allow for much less disruptions and more consistent engagement between the teachers and the students. If the class runs out of something or something breaks and a teacher has to walk half way around the school to find a replacement, that isn’t conducive to the lesson and causes a lot of disruption.

Science Classroom Design

Most science classroom designs run into trouble because those building the designs simply don’t know what goes into teaching a daily science class. It’s suggested that the design of a science classroom consists of 30% practical work areas, 30% storage, 10% mobile storage, 10% administration space and 20% circulation space. It’s often beneficial if the science staff can have their offices attached or near the science classroom, but that is often easier said than done.

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