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Office furniture mistakes to avoid

Office furniture layout mistakes and how to avoid them

Shopping for office furniture? Then you should get familiar with the common office furniture mistakes shoppers make and how to avoid those mistakes. To make sure you do not make common office furniture mistakes, you need to think beyond the aesthetics. Make a list of the practical uses of your office furniture and how you can improve the comfort and work productivity of employees. Think how much you could improve the office environment if employees didn’t experience frequent neck aches , back aches and other office discomforts. When buying office furniture, you want to buy furniture which improves employee satisfaction over the years. Comfortable office furniture is the key to avoiding office furniture mistakes.

To avoid office furniture mistakes, you should take a look at the office space and identify the needs of your employees. Ask them about the kind of office chairs would be ideal to sit in for work. Buy office furniture which is durable to wear and tear. You can do this by keeping in mind the fabric of the furniture. Some of the most durable fabrics of office furniture are mesh fabrics. You may also want to buy leather fabrics if you want to dress up some areas of your office such as the conference rooms and boardrooms. Ergonomic furniture is a good choice for any office as ergonomic chairs offer excellent lumbar supports, adjustable seating options and more.

Next, you should identify the cost of ownership you are willing to invest in office furniture. When buying furniture people forget about freight, taxes and installation fees.They forget about the office product warranty from the dealer as well. Sometimes you are better buying more expensive furniture than cheaper furniture because fees add up. Instead, go office furniture shopping for the furniture most likely to add value. An office project manager or designer can help you make the right choices for furniture cost and design, such as buying furniture for work tasks rather than solely buying for visual design. When company owners do not buy furniture for work tasks, employees are more likely to suffer work injuries and increase the liability cost for your company.

Last but not least, go-green with some of your furniture items. Whether you like it or not, every furniture item in the office has some type of effect on the environment. As your business scales and you hire more employees, you will have to replace furniture, layout your office environment and reconfigure existing furniture items. Here at Glover Furniture, we will keep you avoid these common mistakes of buying office furniture — mismatching furniture, not testing out the comfort of furniture and more.

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