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Your Office Desk and You: What Does It Say About You?

office desk and you

Office desk and you: what does it say about you?

What does your office desk say about you? How does it reflect your personality? These may not seem important to think about, but they can make all the difference in the world. In this blog we’ll discuss your office desk and you. What do you clients really think of you?


Office Desk and You: Office Desk Says You are Unorganized and Cluttered


If your desk is cluttered, it is a red flag. What does this red flag mean? It is in need of some serious organization. Your clients might wonder how you would find your head if it wasn’t on your neck. You don’t want that impression. Use folders to keep files organized and be able to find what you need when you need it.


Office Desk and You: Office Desk Says You are Self-Absorbed


Do you want your colleagues, employees, and clients to think you are only obsessed with yourself? It’s probably not a good idea to cover your desk with your own accomplishments and achievements. Don’t drive off your clients but giving off the impression that only you and what you have done matters. You could always add accomplishments of your colleagues and employees. Self-respect is important, but so is respecting those around you.


Office Desk and You: Office Desk Says You are Belligerent


What might this mean? While you may not be actively trying to make people leave your office as quickly as possible, think about how it looks from someone else’s perspective. Include at least one chair for someone to sit, and invite them to sit. Avoid the clutter problem we mentioned earlier. Most important of all, make sure the chair a visitor sits in is just as comfortable as the one you are sitting in.  


Office Desk and You: Office Desk Says You’re Not Serious


Be sure you can find a client’s paperwork and other files right away. As soon as they enter and start speaking with you, you want to be able to answer them as confidently as possible. If you lose their files, answer phone calls while they are in, or snap at them, they will most likely decide you are not worth their time. To prevent this, keep your office and desk managed to maximum efficiency. Silence your phone and be ready to meet them, greeting them with a calm, warm, and professional manner that gives the impression you are glad to see them.

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