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Time for Spring Cleaning: Organize Your Desk Drawers

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can greatly cut down your on your stress.

Spring is nearly here and almost totally upon us. Has winter clutter gotten to you? Do you shudder and repress the urge to start screaming whenever you look inside your desk drawers these days? Well, no need to shout or scream. The time for spring cleaning is here. Organize your desk drawers and grab a stress ball. In this blog we will show you the best ways to organize your desk drawers.


Spring Cleaning Tips for Optimal Organization

Declutter Everything You Don’t Actually Need: The first step is to get rid of the things you don’t actually need. In fact, declutter everything you don’t use or really need. Old condiments? Remove. Clear out all the trash and detritus you once hung onto, thinking it would come in handy later. Well, now it’s later. Is it handy? No? Then eliminate it. You’ll find you have much less than you thought at first. But the easiest solution, throwing stuff into your drawers? Don’t give into temptation. You’ve got a longer road ahead of you.


Use Cubbies and Designated Spots: If you’re lacking a desk drawer organizer, you’ll need to get one post-haste. Everything will be kept neat and orderly. You can avoid an avalanche of clutter this way. Figure out where you want all of your things to go. Use labels, or depend on mental notes. Follow whatever system works for you, but a simple suggestion is to keep notes. Keeping track of little notes in a busy office environment will help you remember later on. This part is especially true and helpful if you are prone to forgetting things without writing them down first.


Assemble “Like Items” Into Handy Piles: Sort things that are alike into piles: pens and pencils could be one pile, while staples and paper clips could be another. Once everything is piled correctly, you can go onto the next step.


Prioritization is Nice: Whatever you use the most often should be kept in easy reach. Prioritization is nice, and it’ll help keep you efficient and tidy and on track.


Sharing is Caring, So Put Back Extras: Speaking of niceness, sharing is caring. Put back whatever extras you don’t need. Not only does this cut down on total clutter, if you have spare supplies, your co-workers will probably appreciate the surplus.


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