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How to Choose the Right Dormitory Furniture

Back-to-school season is right around the corner! Within the next few weeks, college students across the world will begin packing up to move back into their dormitory for the school year. For these students, their priority will be coordinating with their roommate: Who brings what? How will they decorate? How will we arrange our room? But for student housing administrators, you’ll need to be focusing on finding new, affordable, quality, and space-saving dormitory furniture before the students come back to school.

Dormitory Furniture

Student housing administrators need to focus on finding new, affordable, quality, and space-saving dormitory furniture before the students come back to school.

Durable Dormitory Furniture

Dormitory furniture is subjected to much more wear and tear than the average furniture. It sees a new owner each year, sometimes twice each year, and needs to hold up to the variety of activities that college students seem to get into. When considering dormitory furniture, consider quality over cost: you want to choose the most durable and attractive piece of furniture you can, since the cost of replacing cheap furniture quickly adds up over time.

Space-Saving Dormitory Furniture

You also want dormitory furniture that can save space. It’s no secret that many dorm rooms are tiny and need to sometimes hold as many as three or four people. Consider buying beds that can be lofted or bunked to provide students with more room for activities. Lofting beds can fit a desk or chair underneath, while bunk beds obviously save the space that the second bed would have had to fit in.

Easy-to-Clean Dormitory Furniture

Most college students are venturing out of their parents’ homes for the first time ever and are still adapting to life on their own. You’ll need to choose furniture that can hold up to having coffee and ramen noodles spilled all over them on a regular basis and can hold up to being dinged and scratched while college kids are partying the night away.

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