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Why Your Business Needs to Upgrade to High Density Filing

high density filing system

Does your filing system need an upgrade? Read on to learn about high density filing.

If you run a business that requires a lot of paperwork, such as a legal or medical practice, you undoubtedly have quite the hefty filing system. You probably have shelves and shelves of files taking up excessive space somewhere in your office building. What if we told you that we could squeeze all of that into a more compact high density filing system? You might reply that your current filing system is working just fine and things are running well enough as is. Well, “just fine” and “well enough” don’t slide with us. Here’s why you need to upgrade.

Think of the Space You’ll Save!

The benefits are right there in the name. High density filing. Thinking back to early science classes, the more densely packed a material is, the less volume it occupies. This means that the same amount of files can be kept in a much smaller space when you upgrade to a high density filing system. Sometimes referred to as a mobile filing system, high density filing removes all but one aisle space between shelves, allowing you to move the shelves to gain access to different parts of the storage area. This creates more room for your business to operate and for you to add functionality to once-wasted space.

Think of the Time You’ll Save!

A more efficient filing system is a better filing system. The improvements don’t stop at saving space. Upgrading to a high-density filing system can cut down on the time you spend searching for the one file you’re looking for in a sea of thousands. Keeping a smartly organized system will help you find what you’re looking for quickly and get back to work. Speaking of organized…

Think of the Organization You’ll… Think How Organized You’ll Be!

The key to any smooth operation is organization. Knowing exactly where to find everything prevents hiccups in daily operations and keeps things running like a well-oiled machine. With a high density filing system, everything is kept tight where it is — organized and out of the way.

American Design Associates offers a wide array of high density filing solutions. If you have further questions about the products or services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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