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How To Use A Standing Desk Correctly


standing desk

A standing desk can help you to feel energized and happy!

Too much of anything can negatively affect your health. This includes everything from fried food to alcohol and now, research suggests, even sitting. A study suggests that men who sit six hours or more a day have a death rate that’s 20 percent higher than men who sit for three or less hours. For women, this death rate rises to 40 percent and there is nothing you can do to cancel out the negative health effects of this.

Get The Most From Your Standing Desk

Sitting for extended periods makes your metabolism slow, which can contribute to obesity and diabetes. People who stand for at least a quarter of their day reduce these risks significantly. This is why the standing desk is becoming an increasingly popular office furniture trend in Asia. However, as with all things, excessive standing can also cause health problems such as varicose veins. It also puts a strain on your circulatory system. The key is using them in a balanced way which promotes regular low key physical activity. Here are some tips to get the best use from your standing desk  

Use A Gel Mat With Your Standing Desk  

A gel or anti-fatigue mat supports your feet and allows you to stand comfortably for longer. These are ideal for any cubicle or home office.

Maintain Fitness Throughout The Day With Simple Exercises

While this includes air squats, choosing fitness can be as simple as changing the choices you make. Choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator. Also, walking meetings are both productive and very good for you.

Prioritize Productivity  

Do not cause yourself anxiety by over thinking about when to sit, when to stand, and how to change your routine entirely all at once. Take small steps and do what comes naturally to you. Listen to your body and let a combination of sitting and standing and low intensity exercise develop naturally. Switching between sitting and standing will keep you energized.  

Proper Posture Is Key

Whether you’re sitting or standing, if you do not have the correct posture you will open yourself up to a host of potential health risks. When at your standing desk, you should be at eye level with the top of the monitor, at a viewing distance of 15-30 inches, have straight wrists, and maintain an elbow angle of 90 degrees that is closr to the body.

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