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Best Ways to Keep Your Office Desk Clean

How to keep your office desk clean

How to keep your office desk clean

Do you remember the last time that you could see your office desk? If your office desk is buried underneath layers of coffee stains, muffin crumbs, and paperwork, don’t worry! Use these easy tips to keep your office desk clean and get back to work.

Use Your Desk for What You Use Every Day

Many office desks become unnecessarily cluttered as employees use them to store everything. Instead of placing everything on your office desk, make a habit of only keeping things that you use every day on your desk. Things like your stapler, tape dispenser, and paper clip tray make sense if you use papers, but if your office is paperless, don’t waste that prime real estate on office supplies you never use. Use the top of your desk to store only what you need to use every single day.

Think Up

Is your computer monitor sitting directly on your desk? Simply raising your computer monitor can assist in keeping your office desk clean throughout the week. Raising your computer monitor raises your sightline for an ergonomic boost that will help to reduce any head or neck pain. Install shelves above your desk so that you can use clever storage to move things from your desk to the walls surrounding it. Using your space wisely will help to reduce clutter and keep your office desk sparkly clean.

Have a System

A system is crucial when it comes to staying clean and organized at your office desk. Place your current projects in folders, label them, and file them in a file sorter. Develop a system for what you do when projects once they are completed, whether it’s sorting them into a drawer or moving them to a central location in the office. Coming up with a way to deal with new projects and dispose of old projects is the single most important thing you can do to bust the clutter currently on your desk.

Remove Distractions

A clean mind will lead to a clean desk, so remove any distractions from your desk area. This simple step will boost your productivity and help to keep your office desk clean.

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