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4 Steps to a Better Work Space

4 Steps to a Better Work Space

Even minor changes in your work space design can help to reduce your stress levels, boost your productivity, and increase your comfort.

You spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in your work space (minimum), but does it give you everything that you need? Even minor changes in your work space design can help to reduce your stress levels, boost your productivity, and increase your comfort. Whether you’re working from home in a tiny home office or part of a huge warehouse workplace, here are four simple steps you can take to get to a better work space.

Clear Mental Clutter

A cluttered mind is a cluttered work space, and a clean work space leads to a clean mind. If you have countless vacation photos, uncapped pens, and tissues littering your work space, you aren’t working as efficiently as you could be. Take some time to sort through everything in your desk and store, shred, file, or throw away every item. Taking a few hours to clear the clutter will give you a good baseline to start from. To maintain your clean results and enjoy your work space for months, set aside fifteen minutes at the end of every workday to get your space back together.

Bring Your Storage into This Decade

Do you have too much or too little storage space? Is all of your storage space cluttered filing cabinets? Take time to reassess what is working and what isn’t working about your current office storage situation. If you can get rid of even one filing cabinet, it will clear up your work space and help your space feel less cluttered. If you do most of your work online, don’t feel like you need to hang on to every last sheet of paper. Scan documents and save them on external hard drives whenever possible.

Use the Right Chair

Remember how many hours you spend at work every day? Why should you spend those hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair and getting terrible back and neck pain? Choose a chair for your work space that is ergonomic and designed to keep workers comfortable for the hours they spend sitting every day. If you want to get rid of chairs altogether, purchase a standing desk to enjoy proper spinal alignment 24/7…well, 8/5.

Work Together

Collaborative work is an important part of the modern work space. If you don’t currently have an area of your office set aside for working with others, set up a dedicated collaborative work area. People won’t need to stand around desks chatting and can instead get quality work done comfortably.

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

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