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How to Improve Your Cubicle

Improving Your Cubicle

You spend the bulk of your working hours in your cubicle, so make it your own with these tips!

The cubicle is where many professionals spend the bulk of their time at work. The way this space is designed can have a direct impact on productivity, comfort, and motivation. It can also influence the amount of happiness you feel in the office. If you feel that this space could work better for you, check out these ways you can improve your cubicle.

Watch Your Back

Is your cubicle situated in a way that puts your back toward office traffic? This could cause a lot of social discomfort by constantly hearing people walk by behind you without being able to comfortably acknowledge them or have them acknowledge you. If possible, rearrange your computer and chair so that you’re seated off to the side, in a configuration that allows you to see who comes and goes.  

Think About Color

Color plays a big role in our emotional experiences and can influence the way we feel throughout the day. Specifically, research has shown that the color red creates an environment in which professionals do not work well. This could be because throughout our lives, red has been associated with negative connotations. It could lead to a sense of failure in the unconscious mind.  

Add Some Plants

When leafy plants are incorporated into office design, they help give employees a greater sense of purpose. Bring in a few plants into your cubicle to care for on a daily and weekly basis. Research has shown that they help employees pay attention for longer periods. Choose plants that have rounded leaves rather than pointy ones as they provide a better sense of comfort and calm.

Make Adjustments

A big part of office design is setting up the space in a way that increases your physical comfort. First, is there enough light getting to your cubicle from the ceiling? If not, add your own desk lamp to ensure that you have adequate lighting to reduce eye strain. If you’re feeling cold every day, use a lap warmer or if the opposite is true, use a small fan for increased airflow.  

Personalize Your Space

Improve your cubicle by making it your own. Turn this small space into your own office with your favorite family photos, birthday cards, and other small decorations you want to include in the space. If you keep everything organized neatly, you’ll enjoy walking into a space that reflects who you are and what you value.

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