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2018 Office Design Trends

Open floor plans are all the rave when it comes to office design trends in 2018!

If you are considering an office remodel, now is a great time to do so. When it comes to design, this new age is all about technology, simplicity, and modernization. All of these elements are being incorporated into office buildings to give employees an entirely new way of getting their work done. Here are some of 2018’s best office design trends for you to incorporate into your remodel. 

Open Collaborative Space

Designated rooms for meetings have been around for a long time. However, offices are now creating open collaborative spaces that allow a more comfortable environment for employees to come together. A big, open space rather than an enclosed room helps employees to really get their creative juices flowing. These collaborative spaces often serve more than one purpose. Rather than being strictly for meetings, a lot of them include computers, whiteboards, and other tools for effective brainstorming.

Recharge Areas

Just like a meeting room, there has almost always been a designated break room incorporated into an office design. Now, businesses are going above and beyond a simple break out room and expanding it into an area to unwind and recharge. Some companies are incorporating furniture like cozy couches and giant bean bag chairs for employees to take power naps or just relax for a few minutes. There are even some companies that have meditation areas and saunas! This office design trend is great for employees to get the rest they need in order to do their best work.

Textures & Finishes

When it comes to modern office design trends, people are really trying to transform boring office buildings into fun, colorful, and creative spaces. 2018 is showing that biophilic office designs are in. This means that a variety of textures and finishes are used as opposed to just choosing one. The combination of different textures and finishes adds visual appeal to an office and gives it a unique aesthetic. Metal, cement, and wood is one of the many popular material combinations.

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

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