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Home Office Storage Tips

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Discover a few storage tips for your home office.

For better organization in your home office, here are some helpful storage tips that you should follow. Organization tips are helpful whether you run a small business or just a small family. Everyone needs some help sorting through the business of life and making sure that all important things are organized and accessible.  

Go Paperless

Every advancement in technology is allowing professionals to become less and less reliant on paper. Therefore, it will allow you to become more organized in your home office because you can keep your important files stored digitally. This makes them easier to organize and access.

Use Color

One great thing about your home office is the fact that you can customize your filing system in a way that works best for you and only you. With that said, a color-coding system is a great way to organize and store your files. Assign each category a color that will help you remember where you’re keeping that paperwork. For example, assign green to financial documents, red for medical, and yellow for insurance.

Mail Station

Create a station on your desk that you dedicate to opening and sorting through your mail. In that station, designate folders or trays to what still needs your attention, mail that you’re going to recycle, and outgoing mail that needs to be stamped.

Supply Station

Keep all your home office supplies clearly marked in one area. This will help you find them faster and identify what needs to be replenished. When you’re looking for pens, highlighters, tape, scissors, or any other supply, you’ll know exactly which drawer to open. Use dividers inside the drawer to help you keep everything in one area.


Make use of various types of containers in your home office. Using containers will help you keep everything in your office contained, off your desk, and off the floor. Use plastic containers, baskets, and bins to help give your office a decluttered look and optimize your space.


Invest in a label maker. This little device can be really helpful, especially for drawers and containers that you can’t see the inside of. They help save you time and energy when you can simply read the label on a container and know exactly what’s inside.  

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