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The Different Types of Office Layouts


Learn about the different office layout options.

Office layouts can have a big impact on employee productivity, motivation, and happiness. The type of business and office culture play major roles in determining what type of office layout will work best for your business. Many professionals have worked in cubicles at some point in their career, but many modern offices are moving away from that design and opting for ones that encourage more collaboration and the integration of more technology. Check out the different types of office layouts.


Cubicles are one of the most familiar office layouts and, depending on the type of business, could be still very efficient. This layout usually includes workstations that are situated next to each other, either in clusters or rows. They are usually surrounded by three partitions with the back open to the rest of the office. While they do provide some level of privacy, you will often hear the conversations or even music of your coworkers that sit around you.  Some businesses opt for using glass panels instead of wall dividers, to allow in more natural light and create the illusion of more space,

Half Partitions

Half partitions allow for more communication between coworkers than cubicles. You’re able to see and speak over the barriers when standing rather than having to walk around. They still act as efficient space dividers but make it easier to collaborate with other team members. On the other hand, half partitions are less private than cubicles and allow for even more noise, but more light is allowed to flow throughout the office.

Team Enclosures

Team enclosures allow for members of the same department to all work together in the same area. In this office design, it makes it much easier for coworkers to brainstorm and share ideas without disturbing the rest of the office. It also helps save time by having department team members in the same vicinity for the purposes of meetings and collaboration. The downside of this layout is that some departments might require more space than others and personal space is limited.

Open Layout

Startups and small businesses are benefiting from fully open office layouts. These often feature desks with no surrounding partitions, allowing for complete collaboration between everyone in the office. It’s great for entrepreneurs who are laying the groundwork for their business model and need everyone involved to contribute during each phase.     

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