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Breathe Fresher Air by Improving Air Quality in Your Office

Office Air Quality

Dusty office? Help your employees breathe easier with these tips to improve the air quality in your office space.

Step into an office at the height of flu season and you won’t be surprised to see a lot of people sniffling and the others using hand sanitizer; air quality in offices can be poor any time of the year. In such a small space, dirt, debris, germs, and dust can build up quickly and they aren’t always filtered or cleaned out of the space. To avoid having your employees uncomfortable, consider these four tips to improving air quality in your office.

Keep Your Air Vents Open

When planning an office space a lot of companies will try and utilize as much space as possible, especially in a cubicle environment. When preparing your office space, make sure you leave air vents open and unblocked. Air will not circulate properly if it is blocked by furniture. Check out where your air vents are and move furniture that is in the way.

Add Some Green

Adding office plants can be a surprising way to improve air quality in your office. Not only can they improve morale by providing a peaceful aesthetic to your office, plants absorb toxins and produce more oxygen. More oxygen means more air to breathe, keeping your employees from feeling stuffy.

Use Fresh Air

If there are windows in your office, make it possible for them to open and let fresh air in. This can help prevent the air from becoming stale and helps maintain a healthy level of humidity. Humidity between 30 and 50 percent can help keep out dust mites, mold, and other allergens out of your office.

Keep It Clean

Not only does having a tidy office make everyone more comfortable and helps the employees stay organized, regularly vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, and disposing of garbage can prevent pollutants from mixing in the air. Consider setting a day in the month where all employees clear their desks and wipe them down. Professional cleaning services are also available for regular deep cleaning and building maintenance.

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