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The Power of Paperclips

the power of paperclips

Here is how you can use the power of paperclips to transform your office.

The lowly paperclip doesn’t get much attention in the world of office spaces. At best, it’s the thing we use to keep stacks of paper together. While you do get some versatility in size and colors, most teachers consider it inferior to the staple in its power to keep it all together. At worst, paperclips are the things that never stay in their proper space. Somehow they always end up on the floor or cluttering your drawers. Believe it or not, the paperclip is much more versatile than its lackluster reputation would suggest. Here is how you can use the power of paperclips to transform your office.

Give a Good Impression

As you have probably read before, the state of your office space communicates to people who you are as a person and as an employee without saying a word. When you keep your desk neat and organized, for example, it tells your co-workers and supervisor that you are also organized and efficient in your work.

In terms of keeping your office space organized, you don’t just have to use the paperclip to hold paper together in your desk drawers. You can also put it to good use as a bookmark, and if you are really crafty, you can stand them up and use them as a functional-chic organizer.

Personalize Your Space

You can also use the paperclip to tastefully and simply personalize your office space. For example, you can string them together into a chain for hanging some (but not too many) family photos. You can also use them to personalize your style, from the simple paperclip chain to bending and twisting them into intricate designs. The only limit here is your own creativity!

As a Tool

This office supply is also versatile in its utility, and it makes for a surprisingly useful tool. Left folded, you can use them as a hair clip, a bag clip or a zipper tag in a pinch. They have even more uses when you unfold them.

For example, you can use it to unclog the cap of a glue bottle or a salt shaker. As far as your office supplies go, you can use paperclips to clean between and underneath the keys or your keyboard or eject a jammed CD or DVD.

DIY Holiday Cheer

Lastly, you can use these office supplies to inject some holiday spirit into your office space. Not only do they make perfect makeshift ornaments, you can also bend them into holiday shapes and use holiday-colored supplies to make a festive paperclip chain for the walls or to decorate the tree.

Paperclips and Other Office Supplies and Furniture from Glover Furniture

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