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How Can I Improve my Office Air Quality?

As we head into the fall and winter, we also head into that most dreaded of seasons: cold and flu! With all of the added risk of falling ill in the colder months, you want to make sure that you take as many steps as possible to reduce these risks and stay healthy. But could it be that your office building is actually contributing towards poor health? Read on to find out more about the importance of office air quality and what you can do to improve it!

Office Air QualityOffice Air Quality: Keep out Allergens and Irritants

Many different factors can trigger a full-on cold, and stale, recycled air is one of them. Because offices do not always have easy access to fresh air sources, the many allergens and irritants, such as dust, hair, and pollen, that come into the building do not leave it. One way to combat this? Utilize a free-standing ventilation system or air filter that can remove some of the irritants from the air and make everyone breathe a little easier.

Allergens, irritants, and germs do not just get trapped in the air, however. Very often, if proper care and maintenance is not conducted on a regular basis, your office furniture can become traps for these harmful things! Office air quality suffers as a result, as does your employees’ overall health. One way to fix this issue is to replace your office furniture, or to have it restored; particularly when it comes to furniture with fabric, dust can all too easily stick in the fibers. Revamping your office furniture not only will give your office a fresh new look, but it will also eliminate some of the factors affecting your office air quality and set you on a healthy path for this upcoming cold and flu season!

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