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Design your Waiting Room with Guests in Mind

From office to hospital to everywhere in between, a well-designed waiting room can make the kind of positive impression you are hoping your customers and clients will take note of. Waiting rooms are often the first part of your building that guests will see, and many will end up spending a decent amount of time there. So how can you go about creating a positive visitor experience with a well-designed waiting room?  American Design Associates has the answer.

Comfort is key

Particularly if your guests will be spending hours at a time in the waiting room (such as at a hospital), it is important to create a space in which they can relax and de-stress. Stiff, hard-backed chairs and formal furniture may look good, but are they comfortable? Make sure that chair seats have sufficient cushioning, and that chairs are spaced far enough apart so that everyone has a little elbow room to themselves.

Waiting Room StyleSet a tone with color

Another important aspect of your waiting room design to consider is color. Dull, dark tones will not be pleasant to look at for too long; they could end up making guests feel unhappy, uncomfortable, and unwelcome. While a rainbow of hues might be overwhelming, in contrast, it is good to try mixing things up with a bright, cheery palette. Hues of yellow and pink can improve guests’ moods, while blues and greens can be more soothing to the eye.

Lighten things up

Your light fixtures will also play an important role in the design of your waiting room. It’s best to have as much natural light as possible, and in lieu of that, make sure lamps with soft-but-bright lights are placed throughout. The two extremes- dark and depressing and too-bright and washed out- are better to be avoided!

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