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Keep Your Office Safe and Healthy with Interior Design

You wouldn’t think of an office as being an inherently dangerous place, would you? It’s certainly not like a construction zone or a factory where heavy equipment and machinery can pose a threat to workers. Nevertheless, there are risks that office workers face every day, and many of them have to do with office furniture and design! Read on to find out how exactly office workers can injure themselves and what steps you can take to prevent this with proper interior design practices.

File Cabinets and Shelving

Essential organizational elements of the office, file cabinets and shelving can also be responsible for injuries. Often times, if file cabinets are not placed strategically, such as when they are placed in a narrow aisle, it can become easy to bump or strike into them. Leaving file drawers open also creates this risk. The issue with shelving is similar, and if shelving is unsecured, you face the additional risk that the shelving will fall over, injuring someone in the process. Make sure to keep file cabinets clear of heavily trafficked areas and to secured shelving to walls when considering your interior design strategy.

Office Safety

Chairs and Desks

Office workers spend the majority of their day at their desk, so it is especially important that they are able to stay safe there. Chairs should be ergonomically designed so as not to allow stress injuries to develop, and they should also be well-balanced and sturdy to support an adequate amount of weight. Desks, too, should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a desktop computer, lamp, and any other additional materials that might need to be kept there. If your desk has sharp corners and edges, consider this factor and place it out of the direct aisle path, as someone accidently knocking into the side of it could be hurt.

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