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Sound Management: Tips for Dealing With a Noisy Office

Do you ever have those days where every tap on the keyboard or clicking of a mouse just seems to echo throughout the office? Nevermind the people who are actually talking- the levels of noise that the typical office can reach are downright distracting! In fact, excessive noise is one of the biggest causes of lost productivity for workers. So how can you go about (quietly) combatting all that office noise? Read on to find out more.

What Can I Do to Reduce Office Noise?

Sound management is by far the most effective way to cut back on excess noise in the office. Sound management involves a few different steps; the first takes place in the overall design of your office. Ceiling panels with a high coefficient of absorption can be installed to help “soak up” noise as it echoes throughout your building. In addition to the actual panels, you can have sound masking systems, also known as “white noise machines” installed. These cover and mask sound and help create a more neutral backdrop for your work. American Design Associates can work with you to implement these sound management systems into your office design.

There are other steps than individual office workers can take to reduce noise in their immediate areas. Headphones, ear plugs, and even a personal fan can help to eliminate some of the clicking and chattering in the office. You can even rearrange the office so that desks are spread out a little further, giving everyone some extra personal space. For advice on how to arrange your office to maximize personal space, get in touch with American Design Associates today!

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Noisy Office? 10 Tips to Help You Cope

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