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3 Conference Room Design Mistakes to Avoid

Conference-Room design

The right conference room design will help you and your business thrive, but look out for these common mistakes.

A conference room is one of the busiest in an office. This is where coworkers meet with each other, current and possible clients, and prospective new hires. Since it serves such a vital function in an office, it’s important to do it right. If you are moving offices or just want to revamp your conference room design. Here are a few things to avoid to make sure your conference room is the epicenter of collaboration and creation in your office.

Wrong Screen Size

Some type of monitor is a total necessity in a modern conference room. Whether you have a presentation to show or need to participate in a video conference, the right monitor will fit the size of your conference room. It shouldn’t feel overbearing or be distracting when not in use. On the flip side, it shouldn’t be so small that it is hard to read for those seated farthest away from the screen or to the point that it’s impractical to use for video conferences.

Unfamiliar Tech

To put it simply, new technology is fun and can be impressive, but nothing holds up a meeting and ruins credibility like fumbling around trying to figure out how to use a new piece of technology. Sure someone in the office knows how to use it, but it they aren’t available it’s up to someone else who may not have the same expertise or level of understanding. If you are dead set on getting the latest technology for your conference room, either because you want to or it’s a necessity, make sure you train any staff who could be interacting with it make sure there’s always someone around to help.

Sizing It Up

While it’ll never be perfect, understanding the average size of your meetings and finding a room that fits slightly more than that number will ensure you never feel cramped or uncomfortable in a conference room. Your options on room size may be limited to whatever sized rooms are already in your office, but making sure you don’t overload it with furniture or make it feel cavernous by leaving the walls bare will help keep everyone comfortable and avoid distractions.

Design the Perfect Conference Room with American Design Associates

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