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5 Things That Affect Office Productivity

5 Things That Affect Office Productivity

When it comes to business operations, office productivity is a major factor.

When it comes to business operations, office productivity is a major factor. Employees that can focus on their tasks will ultimately get more done in a day and feel like they are contributing more to daily operations. The environment in which people work directly affects their ability to work peacefully and diligently. Take a look at your workspace and consider these factors that may be either positively or negatively impacting employee productivity.


The layout of the office has a direct effect on office productivity. A lot of it has to deal with individual preference, but studies have shown that offices with open concepts encourage more productivity and collaboration as people feel that they are being watched more closely by others that surround them.  

Air Temperature

Have you ever been in an environment where all you could think about is how uncomfortable you were? The air temperature in the workspace indeed influences office productivity as comfortable employees are able to focus on their tasks instead of how cold or warm they’ve felt all day.


Probably the most obvious factor on this list is noise in the office, which can be very distracting for a lot of people, and especially for positions that require a lot of attention to detail. Allowing people to wear noise-canceling headphones or choose their own music or ambient sounds to work to helps combat this factor, in addition to keeping conference room doors closed when meetings are in progress and installing soundproof elements like windows and use other sound-absorbing materials.  


Color has a very interesting impact on office productivity. There are certain colors in the spectrum that can promote productivity while others promote stress and anxiety. Studies report that the colors that promote productivity are blue, yellow, orange, red, and green.


Employees that are happy and feel satisfied with their careers will ultimately be more productive. They’ll feel that the work they are doing is contributing to the overall success of the business as well as their personal success. Incentives like time off work, financial incentives, and awards help increase workplace satisfaction.

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