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How to Make your Office Feel like Home

Turn your office into your home way from home.

Turn your office into your home way from home.

There is no better feeling than walking through the front door of your home after a particularly hard day at the office. Your home is your haven, with your comfortable surroundings, including a happy family and your cherished treasures. If you’re like most people, however, you probably spend more time awake in your office than you do at home. Imagine if you could look forward to the comforts of your office like you do the comforts of your home.  Well with just a few simple tweaks; you can create an appealing space for yourself and bring a slice of your homely comforts to your work life.

Personalize your Workspace

  • Incorporate your own personality: Personal belongings such as photographs, souvenirs, and decorative items are what make your home comfortable. Display items in your office that make you smile and remind you of loved ones and cherished memories.
  • Lighten up: Proper lighting can make a dramatic difference in your mood, behavior, productivity and hormonal balance. Use natural light to your advantage whenever possible, or showcase your personality and enhance your aesthetics with interesting and functional light fixtures.
  • Aesthetics: Create harmony with matching furnishings, draperies and colors that please your eye rather than distract it. Invest in a comfortable, yet functional, office chair. Add personal touches that make the office feel homey rather than institutional.
  • Add some greenery: Most will agree that an office with plants present is a nicer place to be. As you are within this environment for a considerable time most days, it’s important that you should be comfortable. Additionally, studies have shown it also increase productivity and wellness because of the increased oxygen in the room!

A Clean Office Equals Better Productivity

A cluttered office desk is filled with potential distractions. Sticky-notes, business cards, file folders, and uncompleted projects all clamor for our attention every moment of the day. Removing them allows our mind to better focus on the most important project of the moment. A clear office desk will grant you more focus, peace of mind, and productivity. And that’s good for both you and your company.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture Group

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