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Bring the Outdoors In For a Healthier Workplace


Incorporating nature into your office can help with general stress levels.

It might sound cliche at this point but everyone could use a little more of the great outdoors, especially in the office. Sure it sounds like some tree-hugging propaganda, but studies have shown that “as workday nature contact increased, perceived stress and generalized health complaints decreased.” Every office could use a little less stress, so here are a few ways you can incorporate nature into your office to help make it a healthier workplace.

Bring in Plants

Plants are great not just for livening up a space, but they double as natural air filters. Whether you keep it simple and just place potted plants around the office, or go as far as installing a garden, you’ll get all the stress reducing advantages of bringing the outside in.

Install a Green Roof or Living Wall

Staring at an empty roof all day can really get you down. It’s such a missed opportunity to do something awesome, like install a green roof. A green roof is essentially just a garden on the roof, but if you have access to the roof you could turn it into a peaceful break area. As for a living wall, it’s a striking feature that can make your office stand out to potential clients or make your workplace more appealing to prospective employees.  

Include Natural Shapes, Colors, and Materials

Most companies don’t have a say over the shape or construction of their building, so you have to work with what you have. Desks, cabinets, chairs and tables made from natural materials with earthy colors can help make an office feel more natural. Hard plastics and composite materials are great for some offices, but don’t give the same natural look and feel of furniture made from hardwoods or even stone.

Get Back to Nature with American Design Associates

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