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How to Choose the Perfect Office Desk

office desk

The right office desk can make getting work done easier and more enjoyable.

The desk is the centerpiece of any office. It’s the single piece of furniture that determines your productivity, organization, and comfort. Choosing a desk that suits your needs can make all the difference when it comes to getting work done. And while trying to wade through all the options may seem overwhelming, finding the right desk is your worth time. Here are some of the most common desk types and their advantages.

Desk Height

Desk height is one of the most important considerations when choosing a desk. You’ll want to make sure your chair fits properly beneath your desk so that your feet aren’t stuffed awkwardly in their place. You’ll also want a desk height that suits your monitor. Your monitor should be about an arm’s length away from your face. A monitor that is positioned too deep or too low will make staring at the screen a strain.

The Corner Desk

A corner desk is a flexible solution that’s great for when space is limited. Corner desks are comfortable to use and excellent for computer work. However, a corner desk doesn’t offer a lot of space in certain areas (hence, it fits into a corner), and it won’t provide much in the way of privacy.

The U-Shaped Desk

The U-shaped desk is great for individuals who need to stay organized and visually accessible. With a U-shaped desk you can easily divide your work among a large amount of desk real estate, and still have room to spare. U-shaped desks take up a lot of room, so make sure the space you’re using will be able to accommodate.

The L-Shaped Desk

L-Shaped desks offer many of the same benefits of U-shaped desks, but require significantly less space. However, the shape will limit the number of potential placement options afforded to you.

The Center-of-the-Room Desk

A desk at the center of the room can make you the center of attention and easily accessible, but also provides ample privacy. However, center-of-the-room desks present some interesting challenges when it comes to cable management. You may also want to consider desk positioning. If your desk is situated in front of a window, you could experience a lot of annoying glare on your computer screen.

Quality Office Desks from Glover Furniture

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