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Bringing the Exterior into Your Interior Design with Office Plants

When people think of the typical office setting, nature is not exactly the first thing that springs to mind. More often, they’ll picture cramped, stuffy spaces with limited light instead. But those kinds of spaces are not conducive to good work and productivity, and overtime that can affect your company’s bottom line. When you are looking to revamp your office’s interior design layout, why not break this stale cycle with the addition of office plants? Read on to find out more about the benefits of office plants and how they can actually work to motivate your employees.

Office PlantsOffice Plants Create a Healthy Office Environment

Whether you stick to basic greens or opt for colorful flowers, having office plants incorporated into your interior design is a great way to improve the atmosphere in your office- literally! Plants act as natural air filters, removing pollutants and allergens, such as mold, dust, and the residue from chemical cleaners. With plants, your indoor environment will grow to more closely resemble the outdoor, which is healthier for everyone!

Office Plants Can Keep Workers Calm

Much like choosing a certain color of paint or arranging your office furniture in an open-concept design, office plants can encourage feelings of calm and can help reduce stress amongst your employees. When employees feel less stress, they are more motivated to complete their tasks and less likely to suffer from feeling overwhelmed or “burnt out.” Not only does the sight of plants have this effect, but the sound (hear me out!) as well. While plants obviously do not make any noise of their own, they are capable of absorbing sound and echoes, reducing the noise levels in your office and making it easier for everyone to focus.

Thinking of incorporating office plants into your interior design plan? Get in touch with us today to figure out a layout that will best showcase your office’s green thumb!

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